Thursday, November 6th, 2008

We Did It!

Wow! Obama’s election means that it will be easier for: – America to be perceived again as a leader politically, socially and financially – For all children and possibly all Americans to be covered by health insurance – Privacy to be reinstated for all – Education reforms, including needed changes to NCLB and inclusion of [...]

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Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Guilt by Association

I have family members than that I disagree with on VERY important social and political issues. In addition, I have a number of close friends who I trust to care for my children, but with whom I have major disagreements on political and social issues. I’ve always enjoyed spending time with people who disagree (respectfully) [...]

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Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Watch the Debate

Listen to the final debate tonight. Decide for yourself. Who is going to make positive changes that improves your life and the next generations? I am working to help elect Barack Obama as the next President of the United States. He is the right man for the job and he has a clear stance on [...]

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