Below is an email from a friend that I met when I visited Israel as a High School student – we have stayed in touch for 17 years! I got to see her again when my husband, son and I visited Israel in 2006.

She lives in Ashdod (South of Tel Aviv) with her husband and two children. She works at a bank that is near where the elementary school was that was hit yesterday.


“hi , thank you for the concern
we are living with fear beacuse their are
sirens almost 3 or 4 times a day and we have to run
to an air-raid shelters and we have only 45 sec. to take shelter
only yesterday a missile hit a building and today another one a few streets from us
the children are crying and very afraid so two days ago we sent them to
jeremi’s mom who lives in Bet-Shemesh (near Jerusalem) thank god they are safe
we hear from the news that many peaple in the world are condemnig Israel but if they
would live here for a few days or in Ashkelon or Sderot that is being boming for 8 years the will change
their mind- we have to defend our citizens i think that evrey country will do that

how are the children? have you did something in the new-year? we’re been at home
beacuse the army told us not to go to crowded places -it’s not safe

hope for better times
lot’s of love ADI”


Jews, Muslims, Christians – we can all live together in peace – I have seen it happen. In Haifa and Tel Aviv there are neighborhoods where people of different faiths live side-by-side, just as is done here in the United States. I hope I can witness peach between all Palestinians and Israelis in the near future.

Peace in 2009!