Just a few years ago I would not have been caught dead in a Wal-Mart. Having seen first-hand the destruction a large retailer can do to communities I was no fan. I also worked for a number of companies that supplied Wal-Mart and they were extremely demanding customers; selling to them usually meant sacrificing profit (at least short-term).

But, then Wal-Mart got greener, and the other retailers started getting everything from China as well. The differences between retailers were graying. Then I had my first child and needed diapers – and a lot of them!

Now change is coming to Wal-Mart and I really hope it doesn’t affect its focus on sustainability.

In 2005, CEO Lee Scott, set three major sustainability goals for the company:

  • to be supplied 100% by renewable energy
  • to create zero waste
  • to sell greener products

He is being replaced in February – I hope I don’t have to get my hate on again.