Wow – it’s been over a year since my last post – crazy. So here is the year in review – most recent items are towards the top.

September 2008
Aaron is doing very well – when we moved to Ohio last summer he spoke 2 words and was just beginning to toddle around. Now he has a great amount to say and loves running around.
Abigail is already “army crawling” and will probably be taking off before we know it.
Josh has started a new job working for a group of newspapers in Kent, OH.

August 2008
I started running again and I owe Hal Higdon
another THANK YOU! for getting me back in shape in just 5 weeks. I ran a 10k this week thanks to him and the Nike+ which makes it easy for me to track my progress and get some encouragement from friends online.

July 6, 2008
My sister got married to a wonderful man – happy day!

April 2008
Midwest Research, LLC – officially incorporated and Josh and I celebrated 5 years of marriage!

January 28, 2008
Abigail Irene joined our family and what a joy she has been!

January 2008
I was elected to the Usability Professionals’ Association Board of Directors and I am now the Director of Global Outreach.

August 2007
Josh broke his shoulder which began many months of pain and doctor’s visits. Luckily he is mostly recovered now.
I attended my first Roller Derby!
I began consulting through Midwest Research – my first work coming from K12, Inc. who I left when we moved to Ohio.