I was a senior in college 8 years ago when an advisor of mine, Michael Snyder, passed away. He died of a brain tumor – he had just been diagnosed less than a year before.

He was a wonderful role model and helped me to re-organize Denison’s Hillel program. He was someone I felt very close to and it was terribly difficult to see him wither and die so quickly. He was only in his 50′s and really just getting into the swing of life.

The tumor turned him into an old man; quickly loosing his hair, becoming epileptic and having to go to Columbus for chemo all made his last year on earth a long ordeal. My husband and I went to his home his last night and listened as his tired body breathed. Such a loss.

I always mark this day, but not just for sad things. It is also my sister’s birthday today – she’s another year older and doing what she love’s: journalism.

Another yahrzeit (memorial) is coming up next week for my Bubbie (grandmother). She passed away in 1996. Speaking of role models, this one took the cake � literally. She was a lawyer, one of the first women to graduate from WVU law school. She worked after she was married (they made her remove her ring during work) and continued until her first pregnancy started to show. Then she had three children, raising them while my Zeydie (grandfather – see other stories on Zeydie in this blog) worked as a pharmacist. She could cook and bake to beat the band. Her bopkie cake (like a coffee cake) is still my favorite dessert.

An important month of remembrance which culminates in one of my favorite holidays. This year we get to celebrate with a new family. Josh�s brother Jake and his bride Lisa will be hosting this year. Even as we say goodbye we say hello.