and it’s only Tuesday.

This week I have been blessed to enjoy the music of some wonderfully talented individuals. My Chicago friend Joe Chellman, a drummer, came to the DC area and performed this evening with Lis Harvey a wonderful singer and songwriter. Joe’s drumming is like none I have ever seen – playful and beautiful. Pair this with Lis’ awe inspiring voice makes for great listening. Lis’ voice is so thick, solid yet flowing – you could almost swim through it. Her lyrics are witty and sharp, yet fun and optimistic too.

Next came Girlyman, a trio who has stolen my heart. What more can I say?

Monday evening I was lucky enough to see the Indigo Girls perform in Charleston, WV for a Labor Day rally, Reinvest In America: Put America Back To Work! I only had to pay $3 to park, then watched with such joy as they performed a few old favorites – wonderful pieces of heaven. My mom and I then got to watch the duo back stage as they interacted with staff.

That evening I shared a plane ride with two of the more famous speakers: Danny Glover, the actor and Richard Trumka, Secretary-Treasurer, AFL-CIO.

While we waited for our delayed plane some news commentary about Kerry traveling through West Virginia was on TV. A young Army man took that inopportune moment to comment negatively about Kerry. Richard Trumka gently told the young man that he was in the wrong place to bad-mouth Kerry as over half the plane was obviously for Kerry.

The young man then said to Richard Trumka “you suck”. Wow! That’s when I put my book down – you can’t pay for this type of entertainment.

Danny Glover and Richard Trumka then teamed up on the young man (along with the remainder of my co-passengers, including two more speakers from the rally) to explain to him the inaccuracies of his views. The entire discussion probably only lasted a few minutes.

About 20 minutes later our flight was ready to board and I witnessed an incredible act of humanity. Danny Glover went over to the young man and shook his hand and spoke to him. I could not hear what he said, but I know it must have been impressive and sensitive because this young man did not get on the plane with resentment, he seemed at peace and I think he realized who the gentleman were he was tangling with. :-)