I recently picked up a great addition to my User Experience Toolkit. It’s a Moleskine Notebook with pre-drawn storyboard blocks.

Below is an image of the inside with four squares to draw in. There are additional pages with smaller squares. The squares have a center mark to help with composition – or if you would need to divide them.

I’m excited to use this for product development. I usually doodle wireframes and storyboards to get started on general layout ideas for interfaces and this tool will allow me to do so easily while on the go. I can keep them all in one place and easily refer to them later. Nice!

If you’re not familiar with Moleskine they are great notebooks. They have been the notebooks of choice for Henri Matisse, Vincent van Gogh, Ernest Hemingway and of my husband.

Moleskine opened to reveal two facing pages each with 2 storyboard frames

Congratulations to Brenda Barnes, newly named CEO of Sara Lee Corp. She has managed to balance having children with a very successful career.

Though she had to delay her career to do it, it’s wonderful to see someone do it so well. I wish her continued success at Sarah Lee and I also wish her family luck as they embark on these new chapters in their lives.

Personally, I’d like to someday become a CXO – that’s a Chief User Experience Officer.

So, I’m finally here and surrounded by 20-somethings I am enjoying the experience. For years I had heard so much about the St. Charles training center before working for Accenture. Now I am here and after a week and a half I have learned that we really do play and work very hard.

Dancing at Cadillac Ranch, playing pool and ping-pong and meeting people from all over the world. I went running the other day along the river and even saw a deer. That’s just the playing part.

I won’t even get into the 9+ hour days of classes. Wowzer’s. I’ve survived my first training and I look forward to what lies ahead for me here at Accenture.

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