Below is an email from a friend that I met when I visited Israel as a High School student – we have stayed in touch for 17 years! I got to see her again when my husband, son and I visited Israel in 2006.

She lives in Ashdod (South of Tel Aviv) with her husband and two children. She works at a bank that is near where the elementary school was that was hit yesterday.


“hi , thank you for the concern
we are living with fear beacuse their are
sirens almost 3 or 4 times a day and we have to run
to an air-raid shelters and we have only 45 sec. to take shelter
only yesterday a missile hit a building and today another one a few streets from us
the children are crying and very afraid so two days ago we sent them to
jeremi’s mom who lives in Bet-Shemesh (near Jerusalem) thank god they are safe
we hear from the news that many peaple in the world are condemnig Israel but if they
would live here for a few days or in Ashkelon or Sderot that is being boming for 8 years the will change
their mind- we have to defend our citizens i think that evrey country will do that

how are the children? have you did something in the new-year? we’re been at home
beacuse the army told us not to go to crowded places -it’s not safe

hope for better times
lot’s of love ADI”


Jews, Muslims, Christians – we can all live together in peace – I have seen it happen. In Haifa and Tel Aviv there are neighborhoods where people of different faiths live side-by-side, just as is done here in the United States. I hope I can witness peach between all Palestinians and Israelis in the near future.

Peace in 2009!

Wow! Obama’s election means that it will be easier for:
- America to be perceived again as a leader politically, socially and financially
- For all children and possibly all Americans to be covered by health insurance
- Privacy to be reinstated for all
- Education reforms, including needed changes to NCLB and inclusion of comprehensive sex education

This short list doesn’t begin to encompass all of the changes that need to occur in the coming years. All I can say is that the future looks bright!

I have family members than that I disagree with on VERY important social and political issues.

In addition, I have a number of close friends who I trust to care for my children, but with whom I have major disagreements on political and social issues.

I’ve always enjoyed spending time with people who disagree (respectfully) with my opinions.

Do I hold ALL of my acquaintances core beliefs and values?
No, I have my own personal beliefs and values.

Obama has acknowledged publicly that he knows two people that he disagrees with on a number of issues.

I’m not concerned that Obama knows people that he disagrees with. I would expect that of an educated person, a curious person, and especially of a politician.

These articles on Obama’s site tell his story much better than I could:



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