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Last day of the year – a snowy, windy, cold day in Ohio. Though as I type this the sun is shining in my living room.

Husband just mentioned the other day how much he loves our home. Most days I do too – though I have never lived anywhere that I didn’t want to change in many (rather severe) ways. That’s a different posting though.

Today I am writing because I had been pretty miserable for a few months until about 2 weeks ago.

Looking back I can say with certainty that it was because:
1) I was traveling nearly weekly – productive and fun trips, but travel non-the-less
2) I was exhausted (6 am baby feedings)
3) My Mirena (IUD) was not cooperating (I’ll write on this separately)
4) The weather in Ohio has SUCKED!

Contributing to this (and because of this):
1) The house was a mess and desperately needed attention
2) The yard was a mess
3) I hadn’t been exercising
4) I was getting regular headaches

So now I feel happy – what’s changed?
1) I’ve been home for a few weeks in a row (Yay!)
2) Hired a housekeeper to help me get on top of things (once every two weeks means I no longer have to stress about bathrooms)
3) Weather got better and I cleaned up the yard and started running again
4) Baby is now sleeping longer
5) Mirena is finally being nice to me
6) Dentist fixed an uneven filling – headaches have lessened

So, hopefully this New Year will be a better (and cleaner) one! :)

Wow – it’s been over a year since my last post – crazy. So here is the year in review – most recent items are towards the top.

September 2008
Aaron is doing very well – when we moved to Ohio last summer he spoke 2 words and was just beginning to toddle around. Now he has a great amount to say and loves running around.
Abigail is already “army crawling” and will probably be taking off before we know it.
Josh has started a new job working for a group of newspapers in Kent, OH.

August 2008
I started running again and I owe Hal Higdon
another THANK YOU! for getting me back in shape in just 5 weeks. I ran a 10k this week thanks to him and the Nike+ which makes it easy for me to track my progress and get some encouragement from friends online.

July 6, 2008
My sister got married to a wonderful man – happy day!

April 2008
Midwest Research, LLC – officially incorporated and Josh and I celebrated 5 years of marriage!

January 28, 2008
Abigail Irene joined our family and what a joy she has been!

January 2008
I was elected to the Usability Professionals’ Association Board of Directors and I am now the Director of Global Outreach.

August 2007
Josh broke his shoulder which began many months of pain and doctor’s visits. Luckily he is mostly recovered now.
I attended my first Roller Derby!
I began consulting through Midwest Research – my first work coming from K12, Inc. who I left when we moved to Ohio.

Sorry it’s been so long since I last wrote! Wow what a summer. And I have HUGE news!

No, it’s not that Josh and I moved to Virginia over the summer, or that we took a trip around the world. It’s not that we’re expecting our first child in April (though we are VERY excited about that), or that Josh is finishing off two weeks of volunteering with the Red Cross. It’s not even that we moved from our previous blogging program to WordPress.

Nope, the BIG NEWS is that I’m writing a novel this month through the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) program!

Aren’t you excited for me? It all starts today. Here I go…

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