This winter 720 loud destructive snowmobiles will roar into Yellowstone National Park each day (twice as many as allowed in last year!), unless we act now to stop them. When I had the pleasure of visiting 8 years ago I was able to experience the serenity of nature, and I shudder at the noise pollution this would cause.

Help protect Yellowstone National Park from being overrun with snowmobiles this winter. Will you join me in protecting our nation’s oldest national park before it’s too late?

The public comment period ends this Thursday October 7 – please act now! Click the link below to let the Park Service know you oppose snowmobiles in Yellowstone.

Does all this sound familiar? Well it is, we fought this battle last winter, too. Let’s show the Bush administration we won’t go away until snowmobiles are banned from the park.

Thanks for your help!