This is a very sad day.

The little town I live in can no longer afford to have recycling bins due to the recycling market’s decline.

This is the worst possible time in history to stop doing something that does so much good. How very sad.

Adding insult to injury, my son is TD (typical developing) and therefor cannot attend preschool in my town. Even today he told me he wanted to go to school. I’m not looking forward to the fall when his friends all go to school and he gets left behind.

If he did have a development problem, he would be able to attend as the school has 8 spots for children with special needs and only 4 spots for TD kids. We left the glorious city of Chicago, with its ridiculous waiting lists for preschool, only to find that we are on a waiting list here. Grrr.

NCLB has always been a joke. Of course children with special needs should get priority, but not providing services to typical children is over the top.

At least for now, my children will grow up in a world where those that are typical stay home, while their recyclables fill a landfill.

Let’s move towards using renewable energy sources!

We can all use more sustainable energy sources including biofuels (not ones that require growing food crops), solar power, wind power, wave power, geothermal power and tidal power. I’d be good with safe nuclear and fusion power as well – bring it on!

I’d like to see the mining of trash from landfills. This is a huge opportunity to recycle mass amounts of plastic and metals. In addition, portions of landfills could be used to make either biofuels or be burned for energy. While burning it is not entirely clean, emissions are limited and I believe it is better than the alternative. Here’s more about “plasma gassification“.

I would like to use oil and natural gas less in 2009.

I would especially like to see us stop using coal to make energy so that disasters like the coal ash spill in Tennessee do not come to haunt us all. What a tragedy.

The year Earth’s citizens:

  • started the long road to break free from the yolk imposed on us by Big Oil
  • reduced our impact on the environment
  • increased recycling
  • reclaimed trash from landfills

Save the Earth for future generations to enjoy!
May 2009 be worth remembering!

Just a few years ago I would not have been caught dead in a Wal-Mart. Having seen first-hand the destruction a large retailer can do to communities I was no fan. I also worked for a number of companies that supplied Wal-Mart and they were extremely demanding customers; selling to them usually meant sacrificing profit (at least short-term).

But, then Wal-Mart got greener, and the other retailers started getting everything from China as well. The differences between retailers were graying. Then I had my first child and needed diapers – and a lot of them!

Now change is coming to Wal-Mart and I really hope it doesn’t affect its focus on sustainability.

In 2005, CEO Lee Scott, set three major sustainability goals for the company:

  • to be supplied 100% by renewable energy
  • to create zero waste
  • to sell greener products

He is being replaced in February – I hope I don’t have to get my hate on again.

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